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Saddest Food Moments Of 2012 And Most Excited For In 2013

Saddest Food Moments Of 2012 And Most Excited For In 2013

We have so much to be thankful for in relationship to Los Angeles food. Some things were a bit sad this year as many places closed and some places fell short of being as stellar as they can be. Let’s take a look at what we’re bummed about from this year–and what we cannot wait for in 2013!

Our saddest moments…

• Bye Foie Gras!
After a dramatic few months leading up to the ban, foie gras finally waved goodbye to Los Angeles after many, many interesting celebrations of the food item. This ban is apparently being disputed and some stores are still even trying to sell it. Perhaps 2013 will bring the food item back? Hmm…

• Bye Campanile! And…
We were so sad to see Mark Peel’s Campanile shutter this year. Mega bummer! The place is such a warm, iconic LA destination and now it’s closed. We’ll miss you, Campanile! But, we won’t miss it as much as…

• Bye Tar Pit!
Tar Pit! Oh, Tar Pit! You were our favorite watering hole in Los Angeles. You were decadent and cozy and channeled the energy of F. Scott Fitzgerald to run. Sure, you were misunderstood and a bit pricey–but you were interesting. We’ll miss you, Tar Pit. May you rest in peace and guide us to a replacement drinking place.

• Bye Fresh & Easy!
Apparently Fresh & Easys may be going down soon. Maybe they’ll still exist or maybe they’ll be plucked out as fast as they were planted. Regardless, Tesco wants out and their carefully selected, high quality/low price merchandise are something we will very much miss. Don’t go, F&E!

• Wolfslair
When we saw Wolfslair was going to be opening near Hollywood’s Hungry Cat, we were chomping at the bit to check it out. We went opening week and, sadly, it was such a super dud. That space may be haunted because it was not the glorious establishment we built it up to be. Let’s hope they find their groove in 2013…

• Cortez
This was another place that sadly was smothered by its own buzz and didn’t end up being that great at all. We had such high hopes and the service was great and the place is painfully adorable. The food? Just not as great as we were hoping. We do think they will improve over time, though. Something to look forward to in 2013!

What we’re most excited about…

• Dinosaur Egg Avocados!
Discovering Dinosaur Egg Avocados in 2012 was one of our favorite discoveries of the year. These monstrous avocados are lovable, delicious freaks of nature and we cannot wait to get our hands on them again. Let’s all countdown to Spring…

• Connie & Ted’s
We were hoping Santa Monica Blvd’s Connie & Ted’s would be open by now but it looks to still have a long way to go. We have our eyes on the spot and we’ll probably be in there as soon as it opens. It’s exactly what the area needs and–along with Laurel Hardware–will elevate those strip of restaurants to a mini-food destination. Can’t wait!

• Dinner And Drinks At Black Cat
We peeked inside this space last week and we cannot wait to check out their dinner and drink offerings. This place is going to change the face of Silver Lake and bring some much needed competition to the area. We know they are going to succeed and we cannot wait to go back there.

• Caffé Vita
The Los Feliz/Silver Lake Rudy’s associated Caffé Vita has been under construction all year and should be open very, very soon. This will be a perfect neighborhood hangout, not to mention a great place to kill time as you wait for attention from your favorite barber. It will likely be a new hangout for us, too.

• Never Going Back To The Starbucks On Melrose Ever Again
Have you been to that Starbucks on Melrose just East of Fairfax? Make it your 2013 resolution to never go back there. It is so awful. We’re so excited to vow never to return there!

What were you most bummed about in 2012? Anything in 2013 that we should be on the lookout for? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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