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The Best Music Of 2012

The Best Music Of 2012

What did you want from music this year? Did you want electronic saviors? New classicists? Modern rock ingenues on the brink of super stardom? Covers of obscure classics songs by your favorite artists? In Los Angeles, we had all of that and more this year. Take a peek at our favorite music made by locals this year. (And please note that this was a very hard list to make because every music item we shared on LAIY this year was absolutely stellar: these efforts are truly the best of the best which may explain why some may have been shared quite frequently.)

• Haim’s Forever EP and Don’t Save Me EP
2012 was the year of Haim. The sister rock trip branched out from barn house shows to BBC’s ones to watch in 2013 and turned out two stellar EPs that defined our year. Them Haim girls are finally getting the due they deserve–and to think that in January they didn’t even have an EP to their name! 2013 will mean Haim hits the big time.

• Björk’s “Mutual Core” Directed By Andrew Thomas Huang
Björk is in no way LA. Not at all. She’s as not LA as you can get! This said, Andrew Thomas Huang is a very creative Angeleno and his direction of Björk’s latest single “Mutual Core” is by far the best music video from an Angeleno to have been made this year. It’s artistic, it’s abstract, and the song the video is based on is Björk’s best in years.

• Dam-Funk’s “17 Days”
There were two great covers by LA artists this year and Dam-Funk took the cake. His take on Prince’s song was so soulful, electronic, new soul luscious and it demanded that you close your eyes and shimmy your shoulders, trying to copy that dance move New Kid’s On The Block Did in “The Right Stuff” music video. People need to be all about the Funk because he absolutely brought it this year.

• YACHT’s “Le Goudron”
The runner up for best cover, hands down, is YACHT’s take on Brigitte Fontaine’s 1969 song “Le Goudron.” The original is a serious, artsy song that is as dancey as the bible is comical. YACHT’s take on the song is an aesthetic opposite: it is dance, dance, disco dance while Claire turns up her French charms.

• Gold & Soil
Gold & Soil was the best meeting of musical minds in LA this year as it saw electronic musician Asura and modern folkist Ana Caravelle joining forces for a freak dream pop folk combination. Their music is tangled in Topanga synths and is a surprisingly great pairing. Only in LA!

• There Is No Teenage Love
This is our pick for band of the year. The act is a duo of casual music makers and they hit the scene so unassumingly with their heavy, beautiful ambient self-titled album. We were and still are obsessed with this release and it keeps getting richer and richer. We need more from them as soon as possible.

• Moby and Los Angeles Architecture
Moby makes music. Moby loves architecture. Moby loves LA. This year, he decided to combine his loves and make an LA architecture blog. Okay, sure: this is not technically music related. That said, it was great to see a very accomplished LA musician turn his focus onto the joys of the city (which is a feat because most entertainers forget that LA is a city and don’t give it any love). Thank you, Moby!

What were your favorite music in 2012? Who are you hoping blows up in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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