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The Best Retail And Fashion Of 2012

The Best Retail And Fashion Of 2012

We have to hand it to Los Angeles for really becoming quite a little retail hub this year. Perhaps we are growing more aware of what is going on or maybe there simply is more going on but we feel like the city in this discipline–and in other disciplines like food–has finally gotten to a respectable level. Great! LA Fashion Week may still be a bit wonky but, all in all, LA did a good job this year.

There is no doubt in our mind that Otherwild was the store that stormed LA this year. It was so unique, so different, and so decidedly “now” that you had to pay attention to them. We absolutely love the store and their quirky, historic Artisan’s Patio location that we will always share what they are up to. Here’s to a wonderful Otherwild 2013!

• The J.Crew Men’s Store
Men got a Gant store, we got a better Confederacy, we got RTH, we got this, we got that, and more and more and more: none of this compares to the addition of the J.Crew Men’s Store. This sounds like such a lame thing since it is located at The Grove but it is huge considering the historically New York brand has decided to give us some major love and give LA men a store of their own. So what if it’s in The Grove! We’ll be donating funds to it every month.

• The Poketo Store
When we did Poketo’s Featured Interview in 2011, we had no idea that a store was that close in their future. They mentioned it but we were uncertain of a timeline and we definitely did not think it would be up and running by Summer of 2012. Well, surprise: Ted and Angie did it! They’re doing incredibly well, too. If you work hard and make create things, people will notice. Congratulations Poketo!

• l.a.Eyeworks’ Big Sale
The Barney’s Warehouse Sale was a giant dud and there was no Modernica sale this year. What was the sale of the year? l.a.Eyeworks’ hugely discounted Big Sale. Hands down. No other sale in town had this many discounts for such practical, cool wears. If they have another sale like this next year, we will be doing all our holiday shopping there. You should, too.

• Field Study
Field Study was the best pop-up of the year. All the products were so very interesting and Kyle Ng’s eye for goods truly made itself known. Additionally the programming surrounding it (particularly the welcoming of Aehter’s Aetherstream) made for a great run of REI on acid brought to life. This should be a store. Open it, Kyle Ng!

• Rag & Bone
We still have not visited the new, huge Rag & Bone but we have heard many tales that this store is brilliant and that it is bringing up the area. Good! About time this corridor on Melrose stopped being buildings hit way too hard by the recession.

• Work Magazine
There are not a lot of fashion focused magazines in Los Angeles. I challenge to list them! The only LA fashion magazine we can think of is Flaunt and they release issues that are so few and far between we forget they’re around. Work is stepping in now and colliding art and fashion and experimental photography. They are making it known that LA is cool and that we can be a cultural hub. We support this and we stand behind them until they reach high fashion magazine status.

Where were you going crazy for shopping this year? Where are you excited to check out next year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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