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The Biggest Dramas Of 2012

The Biggest Dramas Of 2012

Drama, drama, drama: there is never a shortage of it! The city started the year with a bum foot and couldn’t get its proper stride because of it. This meant some community-on-community hate and lots of division between the old, the new, the confused, the over intelligent, and everyone in the gaps. We have forgotten most of the dramas of this year but these few stuck out to us like square tumors. Glad most of them have subsided!

The LA Arsonist
What a horrific way to start the year! Many Angelenos returned from their holidays to find apartments on their streets charred and word of mad people running around town and setting everything ablaze. It was almost too insane to believe. What’s even more insane? The arsonist lived two blocks away from us.

The Cafe Stella Wall
This story seemed like such a major, major, major story and people were so up-in-arms and mad that Cafe Stella built a wall and took over some sidewalk that was their property. Sure, it was a little bulky and poorly designed. But people’s claims that it was a congregational corner? Bull. Reflecting on this now, it’s quite funny because no one seems to care it about it that much anymore because Bar Stella is great. Maybe 2013 will have The Cafe Stella Wall return for a dramatic sequel?

A Few Thoughts About LA Fashion Week and More Thoughts About LA Fashion Week
Los Angeles Fashion Week: SHEESH. What a mess! We only attended a few early Spring events and everything was a mess. We took to the site to try to help and incurred the tiny wrath of people who are “changing the LA fashion scene” for the better and were butt hurt we called out some problems. Who knows if it has changed or not but–like a realist in the community warned at the time–“you will try to fight the good fight, get frustrated, and then will walk away.” This person was right.

Silver Lake Is The Best Hipster Neighborhood?
This was the most hysterical drama: Silver Lake as “the best hipster neighborhood”? Ha! This was so rich! Everyone had to point out a few fellow “best hipster” neighborhoods because the Forbes article is absolutely absurd. Silver Lake is “hipstery”–but all of LA is “hipstery.” Same with any other city! This, like GQ declaring Abbot Kinney the “coolest block in America”, was one of the funniest news items of the year.

Madeleine Brand Exits KPCC
Madeleine Brand’s leaving KPCC was a shock. No one saw it coming–not even KPCC employees!! We were so sad to hear the news but Madeleine has gone on to such bigger and better things as has KPCC. Let them both have successful 2013s!

• MOCA Goes Wild
This was the most dramatic story of the year and it truly turned a community against itself instead of causing a community to unite to help out. We threw our thoughts in to support MOCA, were promptly crucified for days, we blocked a lot of commenters from the site for being rude and ugly, and came to the realization that there is a giant gap in the LA art community between institutional minds and art enthusiasts. We hope everyone can get along! (And, funny enough, the New York Times agreed we are a bitter mess who turned on Jeffrey Deitch. Oh, you know LA: full of catty bitches. Glad we lived up to that stereotype, y’all!)

Hollywood Gets New Yorkified
New York versus Los Angeles is a huge discussion. LA becoming New York? Just as big of a discussion and one that will never end. News of big buildings coming to Hollywood ruffled a lot of feathers (some of ours included) and one of LAY’s own had the chance to speak to the New York Times on the matter: LAIY contributor Cori Clark Nelson shared why Hollywood is great as it is and she made us all look brilliant. Well done!

What news stories were the craziest to you? Did any have you question what the hell is going on in town? Let’s all hope next year is quieter. Leave any (polite, constructive) comments below!

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