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Things To Do In Los Angeles Before The World Ends

Things To Do In Los Angeles Before The World Ends

This is it: we’ve reached the end. Today the world will come to a close. It sure was fun meeting all you nice people! Thanks for the good times. But–Wait!–how can we allow ourselves to go this easily? We can’t! There’s so much to do before the world ends!!! Because you probably won’t be able to zoom around the world to see all the sites you wanted to see, start at home and do a few things in Los Angeles that you’ve never done. Here is a list of things to do before the world ends and as the world ends that will make your last day in Los Angeles a special one. See you on the other side!

• Walk from one place to another. Not like form one block to another: walk from one place to a place that is at least two miles away. Then figure out how you are going to get back. Walk back? Yes, walk. You won’t get hurt. The meteor won’t come until later tonight.

• Spend all of your money supporting local businesses. Here are some suggestions for places to do this. Why will you need money after the apocalypse?

• Write a letter(s) to the LA Times and suggest ways that they can redesign their website. These letters may not make it but, hey, at least you gave it a shot.

• Go to the Magic Castle and try to summon Harry Houdini. If anyone can fix this, it’s his super magic powers.

• Ride a small raft down the Los Angeles River.

• Go to The Getty. Watch whatever happens from there. I once watched the plume from a fire travel across the LA sky to the ocean over the span of a few hours. This would be a great place to watch everything go to shit.

• Dress up as a pop culture figure and wander down to Hollywood Blvd. Email us what you see for the Hollywood and Highland Character Count.

• Wander around Echo Park Lake, imagining what it could have been. If only we lived to see it!

• Hike to the Hollywood Sign. If things are looking grim for the planet, just stay there.

• Go to First Congregational Church and take in the architecture. Pray for humanity, too.

• See Above: Don’t drive a limousine in the Valley.

• Take the train to Watts Towesr. Wait for aliens to arrive.

• Wait in line at Pink’s until your face melts off from hyper-ultraviolet beams of light.

• Try as many margaritas as possible in Los Angeles because why not? We’ll all be gone before a hangover sets in.

• Take a trip to Catalina and never return. Start planning a new civilization.

• Go to Skid Row and hand out canned goods (and/or money).

• Go on a TMZ Van Tour. The end of times may have been started by TMZ anyway.

• Ride the Metro. For hours. Or the bus. For hours.

• Perform a seance at Hollywood Forever. Say hello to Alfalfa for us!

• Drive out to Joshua Tree and begin a life as Mad Max.

• Go to the Museum of Death.

• Watch 2012. No, seriously: it’s a great movie. And Los Angeles gets destroyed in a super comical way.

Start from the beginning and make your way forward. Please email or comment any grammatical or spelling errors that we have missed. Someone will address the issues ASAP.

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