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Kevin Appel’s Screen (Double Desert Inverted)

Kevin Appel's Screen Double Desert Inverted  1

When we sat down with artist Kevin Appel a few months back, we noticed a series of wall decals he had up that were experiments for a product he was prepping to release. They looked like a means for him to apply his current desert gazing aesthetic to any wall and, sure enough, it is: the piece is Appel’s Screen (Double Desert Inverted) which he has made with the help of Maharam, a New York based design firm. Now you can outfit am entire wall of your house with some of Kevin Appel’s work!

Screen is a giant series of triangles arranged to distort the image of the desert (specifically the Salton Sea). The piece includes large blobs of colors that further warp the image and interact with both the natural elements and the nature of printing giant wall tiles. It’s grainy, beautiful, and intentionally confusing: the desert is an enveloping place that sucks you in and sometimes scrambles your brain. Screen seems to tell the story of Salton Sea without overtly saying anything. It simply takes an image and scrambles it.

Kevin Appel's Screen (Double Desert Inverted)

Kevin Appel's Screen (Double Desert Inverted)

The piece–which you can see directly above from when we visited Appel–is part of Maharam’s Digital Projects wing and is made from nylon, latex, and cellulose. It is fifteen feet wide and ten feet high and can repeat in either direction very easily. It is made with the intent of being placed in a fairly trafficked area–perhaps a cool restaurant dining room or installed in a designy boutique office–but is not suited for any area where people touch the walls a lot. This would be so great to see in a Southern California public space considering Appel is pulled from the area to make the piece. It almost feels wrong to think this will be installed elsewhere!

There is no price listed for Screen as it is pretty obvious that it is intended to inject art into more buttoned up, corporate worlds. We’ll be on the look out for the Appel and Maharam collaboration: we know it has to be on view somewhere in town. You can get more information on it here.

Kevin Appel's Screen (Double Desert Inverted)

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