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Our 2013 Resolutions

Our 2013 Resolutions

It is a new year which means it is time for all of us to make resolutions for the year and attempt to keep them. I make my own lengthy list every year and have been making resolutions for LAIY, too. It’s healthy! It makes you want to work harder and, if you can achieve two of them? Great! If you can achieve half of them? Awesome! If you can achieve all of them? Wooo! We’re all about advancing things to the future and trying to step up our game: our 2013 resolutions are very specific ways that we would like to step up Los Angeles, I’m Yours in 2013.

First things first: we are getting super specific with what we want to do this year. Last year we were too vague and wishy washy with what we wanted which meant for only a few of these things actually happening. After catching Larry Mantle speaking about New Year’s resolutions last week, we learned from an expert that being specific helps make it so you actually keep your resolutions. Thus, we’re taking a cue from him: enjoy our 2013 resolutions–and be sure to hold us accountable for them! (Also, because we did eight resolutions last year we are sticking with eight again for this year.)

1. Make the Los Angeles, I’m Yours Drink Map.
We’re sure you have not noticed in our Featured Interviews but we always ask our subjects where their favorite place in Los Angeles is to get a drink and what that drink is. This is an effort to catalogue where Los Angeles “tastemakers” and “artists” like to grab cocktails and relax. The idea is that if you like the featured person or simply are looking for a new cocktail, you can take some advice from those we have featured. We have all the information to make this drink map: we just haven’t sat down to do it. We’re way overdue on this. We just need to take a three day weekend and knock this out! The next one we have off, you can bet we will conquer this then.

2. Be weirder with our stories.
When you write and share as many posts as we do, it gets pretty monotonous and boring. How can you break up how you post and what you are reading? Get weird! Get conceptual! Get fun! We want to share more concept stories that rely on visuals or more creative writing and more so that we all have different things to look at aside from “Hey, look at this artist!” or “Hey, read this op-ed!” We’d like to add in more “Hey, read this short story!” or “Hey, look at our conspiracy theories!” or “Hey, look at these words we made up!” or “Hey, look at these funny photos!” Those would all be even more fun if we did them more frequently.

3. Make some videos!
Like the Drink Map, this is one of those things that we’ve been saying we want to do and–by writing it out–we’re giving a peek into what is “in the works.” Now that we’ve written it, we’ll bust our balls to make them quicker.

4. Travel to every Metro station and do a post on each Metro station.
I’ve had this idea in my head all of last year but I want to send Metro a message and ask them if they’ll give us some money or Metro fare to ride the train and explore each stop and what surrounds each stop to share on LAIY. This would be a great way to actually show what each station looks like and what you can actually visit around it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but, frankly, I don’t have the time or money. If the Metro sponsored it? Great! We’ll try to see if we can make this happen…

5. Make a product. Like, a tote bag.
We’ve been wanting to make things to sell for a while but we just haven’t done it. For example: we wanted to make artist/designed tote bags by locals to help replace plastic bags. But, because the plastic bag ban is so confusing, we never went through with this idea. We just need to do it! No excuse: let’s just do it.

6. Do some relaxed events. Like, things that are easy for the host, the guests, and the concept.
Events are so easy to do and we keep over-thinking them. We just need to set a time at a restaurant or bar and invite you all to come and hang out. Would you come if we did that? Do you know any places you’d like to try? Do you own a place and would like for us to host a get together there? Let us know. We really just need to do this.

7. Try to get Apple to change their definition for the word “saturated.”
So, a few months ago, I was looking up the word “saturated” in the dictionary. I didn’t turn to M-W.com or a real dictionary: I turned to the Apple Dictionary Widget. What did I find? A definition that used the word in a sentence that bad mouthed Los Angeles. It said, “The glitzy, media-saturated plasticity of Los Angeles.” What??? I took a screenshot of that and have had it sitting on my desktop for months, seething, mad that someone thought that was an accurate description of our city. I want whoever made this stereotypical dictionary to remove this example sentence because that is not the Los Angeles that many of us Angelenos experience. Shame, Apple!

8. Get more voices, more opinions, more variety.
Another note for us related to being weirder with our stories: get more people talking! Whether we need to hire more writers with the invisible money we don’t have or have Dottie write more dog articles, we don’t know: we just want more varieties and opinions. This shouldn’t be too difficult. We just need to make a better effort!

Okay. Those are our 2013 resolutions for LAIY! We think they’re pretty doable. What are your resolutions? Do you have any that relate to us? Do you guys have any resolutions for us? Let us know in the comments!

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