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Things You Should Do In 2013

Things You Should Do In 2013

We like making New Year’s resolutions. We do! They’re fun ways to challenge yourself and to make an effort to change your life in small ways. They’re good and healthy and fun. We have many for ourselves and, because we love you all so much, we have some challenges for you. They are small, do-able, even free things that we hope you can do to make your 2013 in Los Angeles all the better. Good luck everyone!

1. Walk from one neighborhood to two over.
Okay, sure, you’ve been making an active effort to walk more places in Los Angeles. That is great! What if you take it a step further and walk further? Crazy, right? What if you wandered from your neighborhood to another neighborhood and then to ANOTHER neighborhood? This sounds silly but it really isn’t: it’s a small push to get you outside of your car and to a place that you likely have built in your head as “somewhere you must drive to.” Break that idea: walk further in 2013!

2. Take a bus or train everywhere for a week.
Yes, this challenge may be impossible for many as there are many Angelenos whose commute is very, very far. That’s a part of LA living. We understand! This said, the Metro system is a lot more expansive than we give it credit for: you can get so far taking a few buses and the train–and you can read, write, watch movies, listen to music, and more as you commute. What a gift! Try to take a day a month or one week where you only take the public transportation to get where you need to go. Prove to yourself that it is or isn’t possible and maybe you’ll completely change how you travel through the city.

3. Explore Los Angeles Architecture.
That tour of First Congregational Church we took last year was so fun. What a hidden architectural gem! And it isn’t the only one of its kind, either. Take 2013 to investigate more architecture and go to iconic LA buioldings you may have never actually visited before. These are places like the Bradbury Building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the UCLA campus, the Griffith Observatory, the Neutra VDL house, the Eames Case Study house, and so many more: be an architecture tourist in Los Angeles!

4. Attend events that enrich how you see Los Angeles.
Similar to exploring architecture, why not attend events that help your view of Los Angeles change? We’re not saying to throw down money and attend conventions or concerts or anything that will cost you anything: we’re saying to try attending events like Creativemornings, an Los Angeles Walks meeting, a deLaB tour, a Trekking LA meet-up, an Institute of Domestic Technology class, and more affordable Los Angeles happenings that require you interact with the city, meet people, and learn. Enrich your Los Angeles experience this year!

5. Watch Escape From LA.
Apparently this Kurt Russel film takes place in 2013 Los Angeles. Maybe that means there is still a chance the city is going to fall off the continental United States soon? Hopefully not. If anything, let’s all watch it and see if we spot any similarities between the film’s LA and now LA.

6. Drive down the PCH. Enjoy the scenery.
This is a great, slow drive with such beautiful landscapes. Take a day and explore it! Maybe take the PCH to get out of town, too. You suggest you rent a convertible and take a romantic road trip!

7. See LACMA’s Kubrick at least three times.
This show is up through Summer 2013. Because you’ve already seen it, go back and see it again. Once you think you’ve exhausted yourself of Stanley, go back and see it again. Watch all the films! Read all the texts! Take a new friend to see it! There’s a lot in this show and it is on view for such a long of time that you should revisit it. Why not? Everyone is talking about it and Instagramming it.

8. Take bets on the new “It” blocks (since all the current ones are at maximum capacity).
It feels like all the “cool” strips like Abbot Kinney and Silver Lake and Fairfax and La Cienega have reached a saturation point, one in which there is no place to go but to another neighborhood or block. But where to? Let’s all figure it out together! Start keeping track of areas you see as “new cool blocks” and monitor it’s progress throughout the year. Does it get cooler? Has it gotten worse? Does it supplement another “It” ecosystem? Take notes and be the trend forecaster you were born to be!

9. Adopt a new Angeleno…or adopt any Angeleno!
There are a lot of new Angelenos who have fled from another city or who have recently relocated after finishing college. Many of these people have no clue how to enjoy the city and need some guidance in being an LA person. Take this person or couple or group and try to expose them to your LA. What local websites do you read? Where are your secret spots? What happenings do non-locals miss? Be a city Big Brother and educate a friend on all things LA! Don’t have a new LA freiend? All good: adopt any Angeleno who you feels needs to experience the city in a new way.

10. Set the record straight.
Shit talking Los Angeles is so 1990s. Have a local friend who always has to complain about traffic? Your mom always nags you about which celebrity you have seen this week? Your New York friend still joking that you’re going to get plastic surgery any day now? Set the record straight! Tell these uninformed people how the city really is! If we all band together and reclaim the negatives people say about us, everything will turn into positives. And, if you can’t flip the conversation? Rub it in: anyone who is too down the city should be dissuaded from coming here or even talking about here. Do your part by keeping our rent cheap and parking spaces available!

Do you have anything you are doing to make your Los Age,ex better in 213? Any activities you are taking on or habits you are going to break in relationship to the city this year? Anything you’d like to add or want us to do this year? Let us know in the comments!

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