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Space Camp’s Realms

Space Camp's Realms

Space Camp is an art clique from recent(-ish) Art Center graduates Jesse Tise, Erin Burrell, Bradford Lynn, and Javier Ramirez. The group of artists have totally different points of view and aesthetics but they all somehow fit perfectly together since all of their work come from an angle of looking at life and the world from the outside, like a visitor or alien trying to process what they see. They have a new zine that we got our hands on titled Realms that opens up the Camp to more than just these four guys but to lots of other really great Art Center folks. The zine is almost a catalogue of recent graduates gone wild with interpreting their surroundings.

Space Camp's Realms

The zine is thirty two pages and basically gives all fourteen artists included a two page spread to do whatever they want. It includes folks you may be familiar with (like those we’ve written about: Erin Burrell, Bradford Lynn, Jane Lee, Jesse Tise) and lots of new folks like Fleurette West, Celeste Byers, James Chong, Juan Marco, Matt Wood, Kelsey Short, Yejin Oh, and Cosimo Galluzzi. The contributions to Realms are so incredibly varied, from Erin Burrell’s lean, twisted trees to Jane Lee’s thick and tangled plants to Cosimo Galuzzi’s cosmic closer. The zine is kind of like you are looking at a magazine made by an intergalactic travel agency. Which Star Trek like planet do you want to visit? Take your pick!

There are only one hundred editions of Realms and it is available for only $7. It’s quite a nice, large zine for that price and could rival any small coffee table book you have. Check out a look inside of it below and pick it up here.

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