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Moon Lights Los Angeles

Moon Lights Los Angeles

Ben O’Meara must be one of those Los Angeles Instagrammers who takes a lot of photos of the sky. He’s that guy who shares photos of the sherbet sunsets with a palm tree or two poking into frame every time the sky puts on a show. He gets the occasional bright sunrise and often the strange glow of clouds, buildings, and the moon at night. This is a guess, obviously, that we take from recently watching Moon Lights Los Angeles, a film of his that meditates on cloudy Los Angeles nights where planes and helicopters look like shooting stars.

Setting up very elegant and sweeping timelapses at night, you see the Los Angeles sky become illuminated by light reflecting clouds and man made fireflies. Most of the video frames out any trace of the city except for a few rooftops, palm tree heads, a shot or two of an entire building, and one of firefly headquarters, AKA LAX. Watching the sky the way O’Meara does takes you out of where we live and many times will have you wonder if he lives in the same city we do. You do recognize Downtown and Santa Monica (I think?) at one point but everything else looks like another city, probably somewhere in Europe where steely building tops are the respected norm. Who knew we had them?

The video is three and a half minutes and is super dreamy. It’s one of those videos that gets you excited to look at your city in a new way. Thank you, Ben, for making us want to stay up all night and moon watch.

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