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Introducing The Los Angeles Drink Map

Introducing The Los Angeles Drink Map

When you write your New Years resolutions, there is always a tiny voice in your head who reminds you that you are likely to fuck it all up. “You’ll be lucky if you get one done,” the voice rudely says in your ears. It laughs at you, mocking the idea of you accomplishing a goal. Well, this past weekend we showed that voice who is boss around here because kept our promise to use the first resolution by using the three day weekend to complete The Los Angeles Drink Map, a collection of cocktail and food recommendations from all the artists, cultural leaders, and “tastemakers” whose stories we have shared in our Featured Interview series over the past year and handful of months. Think of this as a handy guide to exploring new places in the city, should you be on the hunt for a new drinking hole, recommended by some of the city’s coolest people.

The map is very straightforward: each interviewee’s photo is on the map and–when you click on the photo–you get to hear what this person has to say about this establishment and what it is they order there. There is a lot of variation (some people don’t have a cocktail, others have a food item, some shared multiple places) and some overlap too. (Example: look at The Mandrake, Musso & Frank, and The Varnish. They are all quite popular.) Many of the places confirm how cool an establishment is while others stand as a memorial since a handful of recommended places have since closed. Let this map celebrate all of these wonderful Los Angeles spots!

The recommendations are from absolutely every person we’ve interviewed, from first interviewee Tim Biskup to newest cover boy Alan Stuart. It covers the high end, it covers the low end, it covers the fun, it covers the common, it covers the Metro accessible, it covers the obscure: the map has everything and more. We’ve added a tab at the top of the LAIY homepage to ensure easy access to the map and we will be updating it the Wednesday after a new cover story is released. We’ll do our best to remind you that we updated it, too.

With this, enjoy The Los Angeles Drink Map below and report back if you have taken anyone up on their recommendation(s).

View The LA Drink Map in a larger map

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