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See You Later, Scott

See You Later, Scott

It’s a rainy Friday. All I want to do is sit next to a fire, drink tea, listen to moody music, and maybe watch a moody film or two. Can I do that? Nope: still a workday! And still lots of stuff to do. I did take twenty minutes to escape to a very hazy, “Wintry” wonderland by way of Los Angeles filmmaker Matthew Miller‘s short film See You Later, Scott. The film is a very dreamy, atmospheric film that fulfills any rainy Friday dreams you may have. It certainly fulfilled mine.

The film follows hikers Scott (Scott Ferreter) and Pabs (Pablo Gutierrez) as they wander around Northern California shoreline country. The two hikers are eventually separated and we then follow Pablo as he goes in search of his friend. Then, some pretty normal-seeming-but-pretty-strange things happen. The film is part country travel film, part nature documentary, and part spiritual awakening and plays with the idea of hallucinating from fear, from nature, and from wanting to simply be out of your head. There’s also ample fogginess (literal and figurative fogginess) to make you clutch your hot tea closer as you sit and watch this from your desk.

It’s a neat little film. It’s also totally a friendly affair: everyone in the film has some contributing role in it. From watching at it, learning its Kickstarter history, and perusing production photos, you find that Scott helped with sound, Pablo did the music, and there is an overall interconnectivity between what was on and off screen. The guys and gals involved are all recent UCLA and UCSC graduates who we can only assume are old friends who got the band back together to make this little film. I certainly enjoyed it and it will give you something to think about for the rest of the day. Also, the closing credits are very simple and cool. Get more on filmmaker Matthew Miller here.

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