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What Are You Doing On February 9? Partying With National Forest, The Standard, Nite Jewel, M83, and Us.


If you have been to The Standard Hollywood since December, you may have noticed that it has totally been transformed into a California cosmic winter wonder zone courtesy of National Forest‘s Justin Krietemeyer and Steven Harrington. The show is their Auroraborealis and is totally great. To support the close of the show, we are teaming up with both The Standard and National Forest to throw a kick ass party on February 9. As you can see above from the flyer, you will not want to miss this.

The event is a *free* live performance by the one and only Nite Jewel, an LA treasure that we are so super pleased to feature. Additionally, there will be some DJ sets by Ladypills along with Jeffrey Jerusalem of YACHT and M83‘s Jordan Lawlor. YACHT and M83!!?! How fantastic is this?! Super fantastic. To help keep the party going, there will be some very special cocktails courtesy of Art In The Age in addition to some surprises you’ll just have to wait for. You can also expect some special Auroraborealis themed posts next week to get you guys excited for the event.

To recap: National Forest and us will be having an event at The Standard Hollywood on February 9 in support of Justin Krietmeyer and Steven Harrington’s Auroraborealis show. Nite Jewel will be performing and M83, Ladypills, and Valida will be DJing with cocktails by Art In The Age. The event starts at 8PM that night and you must RSVP by emailing hollywoodrsvp@standardhotel.com. We highly, highly, highly, highly suggest that you arrive early for the event and stay until the very end.

We are beyond excited about this. Catch more flyers for the event below. They’re made by Bobby Solomon with Auroraborealis artwork by Steven and Justin. Expect to see them around town, too.




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