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Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer’s Auroraborealis

Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer's Auroraborealis

Can you believe it is “Winter” right now? We can’t. This is why we live in Los Angeles: days like today, these sunny sixtysomething February days, are why we all love living here. Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer of National Forest must feel the same way because their installation Auroraborealis currently on view at The Standard Hollywood is a survey of what it means to be in Southern California during this time of year: it means sunny happy times with a chance of smiley palm trees.

The installation has been up since mid-December and has given a light transformation to The Standard’s welcoming space. It has totally been turned into a National Forest fun zone. You find this immediately as the entrance is one of Auroraborealis‘ best features: the front window has a treatment that looks like a cross between snow and New Year’s confetti placed atop of a hazy effect that blurs what you see through it. The effect plays up the idea of Winter weather without any of the bite associated with snow. This piece is also a great survey of the characters involved in the show: you have some squiggly smiles, some peace signs, some palm trees, some hands, some confetti, some googly eyes–a little bit of everything! How fun would these be if they were *actually* confetti? That would just be wonderful.

Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer's Auroraborealis 14

The entry seating area has a few treats from Steven and Justin, too. First, you’ll find Justin’s screenprinted and painted Geode pieces framed. They’re bright and really add a survey of color to the very white space. Additionally, a few of Steven’s diamond paintings line the walls and pull out color concepts from the Geodes. They have a good relationship with each other. You’ll also notice giant friendship bracelets which were made and dyed by Justin with the help of Meredith Jenks. These are totally rad. (A woman at the opening thought they were swings. We–and The Standard front desk people–had to tell her, no, these are not for sitting.)

For those of you who visited Steven’s Known Gallery show, you’ll be pleased to find his Thinker and giant You & I sculptures on the premises: keep your eyes out for these. One of the best features is by the (heated) pool as the entryway cosmic Winter buddies have been blown out to supersized sizes that overlook Los Angeles. They would be great friends at a pool party.

The installation is on view for a few days more and will be coming down on February 10. Want to see the installation with a few enhancements courtesy of drinks and fun? You’ll just have to come to a little party we’re throwing at The Standard with Steven, Justin, M83, and Nite Jewel. This will certainly be something you will not want to miss. Bring your swim trunks, too.

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