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INSA Animates Los Angeles

INSA Animates Los Angeles

INSA is a street artist from the United Kingdom. His work has been popping up more and more lately around Los Angeles and the world and they all feature curved parallel lines and even some high heels thrown in. The work suggests leggy curves of a ladies and is often abstracted into colorful waves. You can even see some of his work en route back from Palm Springs! He recently teamed up with artist Stanley Donwood to make a public art piece in LA that he animated as a mesmerizing gif.

The piece–Hollywood Doom–was made in December and was commissioned by XL Records in support of the debut album from Atoms For Peace. (…which is apparently a project Thom Yorke is attached to?) Using INSA’s public line bending and Donwood’s linocut work as a base, they made an apocalyptic view of Los Angeles. They released a long statement about how LA is “fucked” and how “everything is fucked” and blah blah blah which, a release that seems like an attempt to shoehorn politics into art in a very dramatic way.

Anyway, INSA does a brilliant .gif treatment on his works by photographing them in a sequence that he animates. According to This Is Colossal, the piece was painted entirely by INSA from Donwood’s Atoms artwork on the XL Recordings building four times in order for these .gifs to be made. How insane is that?! Painting this piece once seems like a challenge–but four times?? Wow. That’s some commitment.

The piece is super great, as you can tell. We could watch these for hours because they are so enveloping as the building seems to melt and this cartoon Los Angeles melts in a black and white fire. We’re totally into this. If you want more, you can find more .gifs from INSA on his blog.

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