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Questions With a Visitor: Terre Thaemlitz, AKA DJ Sprinkles

Questions With a Visitor: Terre Thaemlitz, AKA DJ Sprinkles

We’re not sure if many of you guys know this but one of the living legends in modern House music will be in Los Angeles this weekend: Terre Thaemiltz will be in town. He’s never performed in LA, ever, and will be making a long awaited debut at Saturday’s monumental Bottom Bump 02, an all night dance party that will also feature Jamie G., Morgan Alexander, and local techno icon John Tejada. Thaemiltz will be performing under his much respected moniker DJ Sprinkles and, if you are unfamiliar with his work under that name, please take in a healthy sampling of it here. His Midtown 120 Blues certainly is our pick for the best (deep) House album of the twenty first century. It’s absolutely unrivaled!

In any event, we had a chance to speak very quickly with Thaemiltz about his trip to Los Angeles and what he thinks about the place. His answers are quite candid and somewhat surprising. You can also catch some of our favorite tracks from him, too.

What brings you to Los Angeles?

I’ll be playing with John Tejada at the Bottom Bump party on February 23 (location TBA).

How long are you in town?

Just two days.

What neighborhood are you staying in? What are your thoughts on that part of town?

I’m staying with friends, and I don’t know all the little districts of LA, so I’m not sure… But I’m not into tourism of any kind, so I’m happy to just spend quiet time with people dear to me. I’m not interested in being shown the sights.

How many times have you visited Los Angeles? What do you think of the city?

I have only been there once before, to visit a friend. I guess that was over ten years ago. This is my first time to ever play in LA. Personally, I don’t care much for LA. It strikes me as endless, boring sprawl that is extremely divided along lines of class and race–which is typical of most urban US contexts, of course. The people I know and trust who like LA see the city’s social fracture and chaos as a site of radical socio-political potential. I’m afraid I don’t share their optimism.

What is the best part of your trip so far?

Catching up with dear friends I seldom see.

Could you see yourself living here?


Even though we may never have Terre as an LA resident, we welcome him to the city with open arms and *maybe* after his quick two day stay he will learn to love our city a little more than he did. Hearing this interview, you all need to make sure you make it to Bottom Bump as we have no idea when he’ll be returning: a rare House master is flying into town and we implore you not to miss it. Catch more from Terre here, get his latest over-a-day-long music epic Soulnessless here, and even check out an interview we did with him on The Fox Is Black a few years back.

Featured image © Johnathan F. Lee

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