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Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game

Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game 1

There still doesn’t seem to be a board game outside of the Gary Baseman illustrated Cranium that looks as fun as it is to play. It’s a strange art form because it’s a game and it is something used by hand and, you know, it’s kind of a niche practice at this point. If you are game making, you probably are obsessed with game mechanics–not if it looks pretty. We got word that that local design studio Italic designed a financial game for gamer Samir Lyons. It’s called Daytrader and it looks super fly.

The board game that is intended to educate players about money and the stock market without any of the baggage included in actually betting on the stock market. Part Life and part Monopoly, you have to do things like get a job and (obviously) make trades in order to make money and advance in the game. You eventually become an employer and have to take more risks and things just elevate and elevate and elevate: this is a new, sexy looking way to teach kids (or yourself, if you are me) how to deal with money.

Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game 2

Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game 3

Getting to the design, the game feels modern while very much nodding to an old mid-century Americana design feel. The color choices (red, aqua, light black, ivory) add some edge to it and make it feel 2013 instead of caught up in reference. It is super simple too and the details (Look at the cards and those game pieces!) are so rich. Italic is also super rad and from designer types Matt Titone and Ron Thompson. They may not sound familiar but, for veteran readers, you may remember Thompson’s beautiful pillow work we shared a few months back. You guys should also scroll through their website because it plays like a sweet little movie.

Daytrader isn’t for sale quite yet as Samir is currently raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign. And, because of Italic’s great contributions, you can expect some great goodies with their touch as contribution prizes like clever Daytrader t-shirts and posters. They don’t even come at that much of a donation either! We’ll keep you posted on how this game goes but, for now, peruse more about it here. They’re raising funds through March 13.

Daytrader, A Well Designed Board Game 4

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