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HMX Groups’ Streets of Beverly Hills

HMX Group's Streets Of Beverly Hills

HMX Group has opened an outpost in Beverly Hills to share their new “retail laboratory”: Streets. The Beverly Hills location, which goes by Streets of Beverly Hills, is a delightfully preppy wonderland setup here on the West coast featuring many, many heritage brands that HMX has become known for.

The store features many different things, from made-to-measure services to items unique to the Los Angeles location because of the city’s unique climate. “The Streets name came from the desire to have each laboratory have an intimate relationship with the communities in which they reside,” Doug Williams, Chief Executive Office of HMX Group, said of the store, which is located on 310 Beverly Dr between Dayton and Brighton Way in Beverly Hills. The store is unlike the largely big name powerhouse brands (Prada, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers) in the area and evokes that of a small, very nice neighborhood retail store that you will keep returning to for their products and services.

HMX Group's Streets Of Beverly Hills

Three big brands to watch at Streets are Bobby Jones, Hart Schaffner Marx, and Hickey Freeman. Both are heritage brands, in business over one hundred years, that HMX have brought outside of their niche into a place where admirers of the style can see them. Bobby Jones is quite straitlaced and fit for athletic, country club types that are finished in a way detailed for those who want quality in their products. Hart Schaffner Marx brings sportswear, dress shirts, trousers, and other fine products to the store. The brand is HMX’s flagship brand and has been around since 1887: they know what they are doing when it comes to menswear.

Hickey Freeman is the store’s biggest champion, though, adapting to the city’s needs in order to make a bigger name for itself. Not only does the brand, like many others in the shop, have ample fabrics to chose from for your apparel, they also have items specifically placed in the shop for the Los Angeles audience. For example, Hickey Freeman carries an unfinished blazer/jacket absolutely perfect for LA. It requires barely any dry cleaning, retains it shape despite being a slightly amorphous fabric, and is incredibly comfortable and warm without being overly informal (or formal!). The jacket is perfect for Angelenos and comes in a few varieties ready to wear and–of course–can be custom made for you. A photo of this product is in the album below.

HMX Group's Streets Of Beverly Hills

Streets brings all of HMX’s fantastic American brands under one roof, in an environment that is welcoming for customers to explore what they have and get one-on-one help tailoring products to them. It’s suited for the the Los Angeles audience, uniquely positioned in the Beverly Hills area to grab the casual business crowd (as that is this city’s price spot to grab apparel of that nature). Streets of Beverly Hills is located at 310 Beverly Drive and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 6PM and Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM. They will be opening a store in Georgetown next week (on Wisconisn Avenue) followed by Chicago very soon.

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