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A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop 5

Close your eyes. Think about all the things you want right now. Think about what Los Angeles needs. Think about what feasibly could be done. Now make that wish.

Did you wish for the Topshop/Topman to be open? Because that’s kind of what we wished for since we knew it was coming soon and now it is actually so super close to the opening of the store that we could spit and scream and spit some more: we are so happy. Through the power of Los Angeles retail magic, we got invited to take a sneak peek inside of the brand new Grove Topshop/Topman monster before the store’s opening on Thursday, February 14.

We should not have to tell you this but your next six paychecks are going straight to Topshop/Topman and you can guarantee that every cool girl and cool guy will be decked out in these clothes until further notice. You have been warned.

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop 8

The store lives in the former, lame Banana Republic corner megastore unit at The Grove, across from The Original Farmers Market and on that weird street that should be closed but–for whatever reason–some drivers decide to take the challenge to play Frogger with people to cut through the retail destination. From the outside, the place looks like an immaculate, sleek, white, silver, and neon orange touched shopping destination. Signs tease the store’s opening and are quite good looking. Even when the store isn’t open, it is easily the *coolest* at The Grove.

The store is bright white inside with over-the-top hypercolors everywhere you look. It was almost too bright to photograph (…please pardon any blown out photos: we tried our best). The bottom floor is all Topshop, the ladies branch of the brand. There is a pyramid of models who greet you as you walk in and–to the left–is the brand’s current collection which transitions into more sophisticated clothes (gowns, even) at the Midwest point of the bottom floor, a denim shop, swimwear, intimates, jewelry, and–duh–a gilded photobooth where you can capture your joy as you spend every dime you have on Mickey Mouse sweaters, LA hats, studded leather jackets, graphic sweaters, neon pants, and more and more and more. And, ladies, if you are having trouble finding something to buy, don’t fret: Kate Bosworth has you covered with several “picks” exclusive to the LA opening. Each are marked with a photo of her.

Upstairs–which you can get to by way of two escalators and a wooden staircase, all of which are not recalled from the lame Banana Repuwhatever–is where you will find the fair sized Topman that is full of everything hip men and gay boys in Los Angeles have been dreaming of: tailored jackets, patterned shorts, patterned shirts, studded t-shirts, embellished shoes, and more and more and more. The shop is a little smaller than you would hope for guys but, really, where in the hell are you going to find clothes like this at The Grove? Zara? Forever 21? You can find things similar but this is the real deal. The center of this area has a nice little suit shop and a male “intimates” section behind it leading to the dressing rooms. We were surprised to see a very large shoe section, a welcome feature that takes up about a sixth of the Topman.

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop 18

The other half of the upper level is more Topshop and includes more of Kate’s picks, a petites section, and a beautiful shoe display. It may have been our imagination but it felt like a beam from heaven shone down through a skylight to light it. We may be making this up. This illustrates something important, though: the details in the store are remarkable. For savvy design folk, you’ll catch a few Eames shell chairs for sitting and some black Louis Ghost Chairs scattered about complimenting the space. These details in addition to the “crazier” things like the photo booth help enforce the brand’s detail obsession: the store–like the clothes–is full of little glimpses into fine design and retail excellence at an accessible price point.

The store is the most Western branch in the US and is one of three shops. (There is also one in Vegas, New York, and Chicago.) We’re a little surprised that this store did not come to Los Angeles sooner but, like any hot import, the spread is slow–and the demand is high. We may sound a bit over excited about this but listen, you guys: everyone is going to go cuckoo over this store. The clothes are nice, it’s a great improvement to The Grove’s retail landscape, and it is fabulously executed. You will be running into people you know here and you will be running into people you know wearing clothing you too own from Topshop/Topman. Let this be an excited warning: everyone in LA will be in this store and in these clothes very soon.

Topshop/Topman will be opening February 14 at 4PM with a party starting at 3PM. There will be performances, treats, t-shirt printing, and much more. Get more details on the event here.

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