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Oscar Week Diary: Night Two

Oscar Week Diary Night Two 1

It was rainy last night, Oscar. It was cold and gloomy and wet and I walked over to the event from a class I take on Tuesdays at Melrose and La Brea. The things we do for you! The things we do. Last night’s event we had to make it out, rain or shine, because it took place at former LAIY coverboy Jean Pierre Mastey‘s Baxter Finley on La Cienega. What a huge honor: a Vanity Fair Oscar event at a local favorite homegrown men’s grooming station. We Angelenos are very proud!

Oscar Week Diary Night Two 2

Oscar Week Diary Night Two 3

The event was a surprising celebration of local things. Aside from the obvious LA men’s grooming institution as venue, the beer being served was none other than Glendale’s Golden Road. There was wine and food and it was great but you could feel a sense of pride that Baxter Finley had gotten a huge hat tip in being asked to host the Vanity Fair event. It’s one thing to have a party at a venue but at a local business and with a small brewery mainly known by people in town is gigantic given the huge brands throwing the party.

Also, Oscar, it should be noted that the crowd was incredibly handsome. This should be obvious, yes, but we were totally surprised that it was all men and that they all were really absurdly good looking. Almost too good looking. We asked some of our Vanity Fair buddies who the attendees were and they noted it was a mix of beauty, grooming, and fashion people which makes sense in relationship to red carpet grooming. “Need some slick pomade for your red carpet hair? Why not get it from Baxter Finley!” That makes absolutely perfect sense. A win for everyone!

Oscar Week Diary Night Two 5

A few other things to note, Oscar.

1. A small venue means a small event means a less crazy night meaning you get to go home earlier.

2. Moreover, a small event means that there are less people to photograph and that photographers will come up to you, a lowly little LA art and culture blogger type, and ask for your photo. We ~*~FeLt rEaLLy FaMoUs~*~

3. Speaking of the photographers, at a small event (or maybe at any event, these days) people will ask a photographer after said photographer has taken your photo with a professional camera to take your photo with your iPhone. So rude! That’s like bringing your hamburger patties to a restaurant and asking a chef to cook it for you. Rude, rude, rude! We saw a handful of people do this, too. Again: rude!!

4. We didn’t see that many celebrities. The only one we saw that we knew was Nate Berkus. A few things about him: he is a lot handsomer in person, he is a lot shorter in person, and he was totally butch. He also drives a G-Wagon which was my high school dream car that I will never own because why would I ever need a car like that in Los Angeles?

5. We also ran into friend-of-the-site Marc Atlan. What a pleasant surprise! We certainly had a chat about how successful his David Beckham for H&M campaign is going. Way to go, Marc!!

6. Bobby met me at the party so, thankfully, there was no walking home in the rain and we got to show off our luxurious 2001 black Volkswagen New Beetle whose engine is clicking because it needs an oil change. We’re shocked it did not stall and breakdown in the valet line which would have been absolutely not a surprise.

Oscar Week Diary Night Two 4

Oh! Finally, the updated count on our LAIY 2013 Oscar Week Scavenger Hunt. Here’s what we ticked off from last night…

• Take our dinky black 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle that we are ashamed of to an event. (Took it home. Counts!)
• Get an obnoxious, slightly useless huge piece of swag as a surprise. (Not obnoxious and not useless but we got a surprise gift bag on our way out. Thanks, JP!)
• Get a ridiculous drink. (A bartender finished a bottle of wine in my glass and said, “You can handle this.” Does that count?)
• Get someone’s business card. (Oh! I noticed in my wallet at a Starbucks that someone’s card was in my wallet. Guess this counts?)
• Encourage someone to take the Metro. (Oh! Also remembered that we told the Vanity Fair crew to Metro it to an event. Ha! We’re insane.)

We’ll see you tonight, Oscar. We’re sorry we missed DJ night last night but we had too late of a night Monday. We should be ready to rock and roll tonight.

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