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Questions With A Visitor: FUZI UV TPK


French graffiti writer and tattoo artist FUZI UV TPK is a veteran writer who dominated the trains and subways of Paris for more than a decade. He is known for his “ignorant style” art and unique flash designs, which can be found in his books Ma Ligne and Flash Tattoo Collection N°1. To create an experience as memorable as the tattoo, FUZI’s sessions teke place in unusual locations, such as subway tunnels, streets, and art galleries. Last summer, he transformed New York’s The Hole Shop into a tattoo studio for a day of free ink, courtesy of Citizens of Humanity, and recently FUZI made headlines when he tattooed actress Scarlett Johansson in Paris. FUZI made his first trip to Los Angeles earlier this month–and we had the opportunity to chat with him about his visit.

What brought you to Los Angeles?

Since my tattoo event in New York, I have received a lot of requests from people allover the United States for tattoos, and I decided it was time to organize an event in Los Angeles. I like to tattoo in unusual places, so in addition to the tattoo event, I organized a private tattoo session on a rooftop in downtown L.A., and iconic photographer Estevan Oriol shot it.

How long were you here?

One week.

What neighborhood did you stay in? What were your thoughts on that part of town?

I stayed in Beverly Hills, and it was nice, but I preferred visiting other parts of Los Angeles. I went to the Watts Towers, South Central, Skid Row, the Los Angeles River and thought downtown was an incredible place.

How many times have you visited Los Angeles? What did you think of the city?

It was my first time in L.A. and I loved it. It’s a huge city with a lot of energy and a really interesting mix of cultures. I’m looking forward to coming back, and creating a big mural on one of the walls.

What was the best part of your trip?

The shoot with Estevan was a great experience. But I also liked spending time with my girlfriend and discovering new places, shops and foods. I also had a chance to view an amazing private collection of folk art, as well as visit the L.A. Art Book Fair at MOCA. I was really inspired by L.A., and I returned to France with a lot of ideas.

Could you see yourself living here?

Certainly. I love the climate and the car culture. I’m impatient to explore more spots like the river, abandoned buildings and rooftops, and I want to create more events and projects in L.A.

Inspired by his recent trip to Los Angeles and local icon Angelyne, FUZI just released the new, limited-edition print Shy Bitch on his website. You can find it here.

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