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Billy By Tyler Adams

Billy By Tyler Adams 1

Tyler Adams is a super talented, very young photographer who–of course–is one of the many awesome artists coming out of Art Center. His work mostly revolves around a fashiony, sophisticated world that often work in black and white and rely on capturing strong facial expressions and the human form. This part of his work is great and good and wonderful but he really excels when he breaks out of his own canon and gets a bit weird. In his series Billy, he takes a genderfucking muse and applies a bright Los Angeles backdrop to him. It’s a great little series.

Billy By Tyler Adams 2

The subject (who we are assuming is Billy) is a style obsessed androgynous, genderless/genderfull character who lives for the beautifully gaudy. There are prints-on-prints, children as accessories, push cart realness, hyperbolized accessories, dresses, skirts, pants, gaucho pants: Billy does it all. The photos have this feeling of an extreme exoticness and almost feels like you are looking at a fashion shoot that takes place in South America or China: Adams very much transforms Los Angeles through his point of view and by using Billy as his subject. Even though you see LA icons in the backdrop of many of the images, they feel like they are in a bright alter-ego to LA or maybe even an LA that we have yet to see, one that is a few years out.

Tyler Adams work is so full of life–but Billy is nearing an explosion of life and activity. We don’t doubt we’ll be seeing more of Tyler’s work around and we can only hope he pushes his weirdness a little further. After all, he’s still in school. Peruse more of his photography work here.

Billy By Tyler Adams 3

Billy By Tyler Adams 4

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