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Oscar Prints From Gallery 1988

Oscar Prints From Gallery 1988 1

We feel like this is a big deal that kind of went unnoticed: The Academy asked Gallery 1988 to have their favorite artists give their take on the Best Picture 2013 nominees. That’s huge! And exciting. The collaboration resulted in a great little collection of film work and a brief For Your Consideration show that took place at Gallery 1988’s Melrose location.

The work produced included nine Best Picture nominee art pieces, some Valentine ecards by local Nan Lawson, and a huge year-by-year, “Guess the Oscar!” poster by Olly Moss which were shared on the Oscar website. The undertaking mainly focused on the nominee art pieces which saw illustrators and artists from near and far (like Joshua Budich, Rich Kelly, Strong Stuff, etc.) giving their take on contemporary films. From a quaint and golden Amour by Matt Owen to Godmachine‘s realistic interpretation of Zero Dark Thirty, the artists channeled their best movie poster maker and went to town on the project–and what a fun project at that! It will be interesting to see if movie posters turn to this more niche, cared-for style. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be stalked by billboards with these posters instead? We’d love that.

The effort shows that, hey, Hollywood is paying attention to local artists and creatives outside of “The Industry.” It’s a little bizarre, sure, but we have to give major credit to the Academy for pulling this off. What a huge win for Gallery 1988! We recommend you peruse their Tumblr for more Oscar related art.

Oscar Prints From Gallery 1988 2

Oscar Prints From Gallery 1988 3

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