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Inside Caffé Vita, LA

Inside Caffe Vitta, LA

Caffé Vita‘s entrance into the Los Feliz/Silver Lake gateway feels like such a long time coming. Los Angeles has many coffee shops, yes, but there was definitely a bridge needed from the Vermont Starbucks to the Silver Lake Intelligentsia. Since that space inside the Vista is never really open and there was no option for a beverage pre- or post- movie or Rudy’s haircut, Vita’s entry is very well placed. How is it, though? It’s actually super duper nice and mega-chilled out.

The black and gold corner building opened its doors around two weeks ago and did not make too big a showing of it (save for a few free coffees). The exterior is markedly attractive with two murals (one of a gold Pulcinella, their mascot; another of a related monkey serving coffee) and a shining golden flower above the clear red lettered entry. Although the flower is a long time feature of the building, it twinkles in a new light now. It’s a simple statement piece and, save for the dramatic black, fills the old Uncle Jer’s space quite easily. The interior is cool greens, brick, and wood with black counters and accessories to draw the outside in. There is also an upstairs seating level and we did hear rumor of an eventual patio, too.

Inside Caffe Vitta 3

At this point Vita is chill. We stopped in Friday for a cup of tea and peruse the space and it was filled with people working. There is no obnoxious art on the wall, there is no loud music playing, the service is speedy and attentive, and you can find a seat easily. You could even sit down with a stranger and not feel weird about it: it is a very welcoming space. There also seemed to be an outlet for every table, which is important to note if you are mobile worker.

While coffee isn’t groundbreaking to Los Angeles, an alien brand entering with such poise is. Vita feels totally fresh and friendly and like you want to visit it all the time. The service and quality of coffee is top notch and, if you want to nerd out on coffee gear, there is a wall of goods you can purchase. Vita won’t intimidate you to ask about them, though. It has a very warm atmosphere in every regard. You can even get a coffee slushie if it gets to warm in there! We recommend you stop in as you stroll through Los Feliz as it is quite a nice place. It may be premature to say but it may be our new Los Feliz/Silver Lake working coffee shop destination.

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Inside Caffe Vitta 4

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