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Eames Prints To Help The Eames Family

Eames Prints To Help The Eames' 1

You don’t often think, “Gee, I hope the Eames Family is doing okay right now.” because the legacy of Ray and Charles Eames seems to be so bright and perfect in Los Angeles. Well, it looks like they need help: the Eames Foundation is currently hoping to raise $150K in order to preserve the Eames House “as it existed when Charles and Ray lived and worked in it for the last, most prolific half of their lives.” The effort is being called their 250 Year Project and will “preserve and protect the Eames house for the next 250 years.” Instead of doing something like turning to Kickstarter or even holding a grand fundraiser that only people who are Richie Rich rich could attend, they’ve turned to the public with four $75 prints for purchase in support of the effort. They’re very fantastic and would make a great gift for the creative you know (or would look great in your office, undoubtedly).

Eames Prints To Help The Eames' 2

The four prints are all very simplistic and broken into two categories: two quote posters (a red one that says “INNOVATE AS A LAST RESORT” and a brown one that says “TAKE YOUR PLEASURE SERIOUSLY”) and two design posters (one is of a sunburst, the other of what I guess could be described as an abstract constellation). The pieces are original works that employ the Eames design sense to make these simple, straightforward posters. They’re all unframed and are offset press printed (and you can tell each of them has a unique imprint on them, too). There were five hundred of each made and each are editioned, too. They’re eighteen inches wide by twelve inches tall.

For every print sold, Herman Miller and Vitra will provide matching donations: what a fantastic joint effort to get the Eames House back in shape. If you need a reminder on how great the Eames’ are and their impact on modern design, the Foundation has made a great timeline of their work and lives. You can buy these cool prints here. The Eameses need our help! And you need a cool poster.

Eames Prints To Help The Eames' 4

Eames Prints To Help The Eames' 3

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