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A Look At Sci-Arc’s Robot House


Previously, we had posted about Sci-Arc’s Robot House opening and weren’t entirely sure what it was. Is it an exhibit? Is it art? Is it just robots? Robot House is actually a tool for Sci-Arc students to use to create. It’s pretty amazing, actually–and looks pretty cool, too.

Created by faculty members Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser, the House is intended to be a “research space for hands-on collaborative experimentation, advanced multi-robotic platform, and exploration and architectural agency.” What does that even mean, though? Sounds like hyper futuristic talk. However, a few videos from Peter Vikar have popped up on Vimeo showing the robots in action.

One of the videos shows the robots just moving, stylized in a very cool way that makes the machine almost look like something you’d want to dance with at a club. The other, though, shows the robot creating. Using Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe as a base, the robots created various feltpen graphics of Marilyn. As you will see, the first is recognizable as the Warhol image while the rest progressively distort and fuck with the image in really cool ways. It’s pretty remarkable what these robots can do and, hopefully, Peter will keep making these videos so we get what else they can do!

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