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W/// By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles

W::: By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles 1

The shops in Los Feliz Village are always being swapped out and rearranged. Specifically on the same block as the Dresden, just a hair North of that space, there are a row of shops that are always some clothier but they are constantly opening and closing their doors. A new one has filled a space and, boy, is it super cool: it’s Weltenbuerger, a very avant garde fashion and vintage seller. The brand is known for their often enveloping, flowy, and post-modern collection of clothes. W/// is their in house line that totally clarify their point of view and makes you realize that–hey–LA fashion people are making some really progressive things.

W::: By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles 2

W::: By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles 3

W///’s style is very natural and flowy and drape like fancy robes. They intentionally defy sex and are often made to fit both men and women (the shirts and pants, that is). The brand really excels at their soft linen dresses that appear so simple but have such great little details that are much more than a common tube of fabric. There are triangles of fabric removed to frame the upper torso or a dramatic backless-V to a dress, as you can see on the black dress above. There is even one dress with a slightly comical O-shape cut out of the bottom.

The work as a whole feel like they’re coming from a place a lot more sophisticated than Los Angeles, which may explain the German roots hinted at by the name Weltenbuerger. They’re lovably different and obviously take a very specific person to wear them–and there are many of these effortlessly cool people in LA. Although you do get a *little* bit of the feeling from the SNL sketch “Art Dealers” when seeing the clothes, that’s part of their charm: they’re so delightfully odd. They may not click online but we urge you to stop by their Los Feliz store to see the works in person. We assure you you will love it. Get more on Weltenbuerger here.

W::: By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles 4

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