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Morning Glory Artisan Brittle

Morning Glory Artisan Brittle 3

Morning Glory Confections is a Los Angeles sweets maker known for their brittles. They come in tiny clear boxes with dainty geometric blue flowers on them with crazy sounding flavors like “Thai Curry Peanut” and “Chai Tea & Cashew.” They each take a flavor concept, mash them with a nut of some sort, and lets everything settle in together. They’re quite inventive and a nice entry in local brittle.

The brand is the product of personal chef Max Lesser, who made Morning Glory after experimenting with various ingredients. The brand very much carries that sense of trying new things out as you can tell by the titles of products. We grabbed two of the more interesting sounding brittles: Indian Curry & Pistachio and New Mexico Chili & Pumpkin Seed. The Indian Curry is a meditation on the sweet and salty, which is what brittle is obviously all about. The curry flavor (and accompanying flavor friends like tumeric and coriander) play an assit to the somewhat normal brittle idea as did the pistachio: they all became awash in the brittle. The New Mexico Chili was a real treat to try since the chili had a big impact on everything: it wasn’t spicy but this chipotle like flavor permeates the brittle, working with the brown sugar base to make this spiced caramel situation. The pumpkin seeds were nice but, again, this was all about the chili pepper.

The brittles are good! This is coming from a total non-brittle fan. (Every time I try a brittle it just tastes like burnt bitter peanuts. I have no idea why.) If you want challenging flavors or a curious dessert gift to bring to a dinner party, we suggest these brittles. They won’t make you feel too guilty about yourself and they’ll definitely be cause to put on your Top Chef hat and attempt to dissect what notes are hitting the tongue. You can purchase them online here or stop by the Silver Lake Cheese Store, too. We believe they’re about $6 each.

Morning Glory Artisan Brittle 2

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