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Steven Harrington Lights It Up

Steven Harrington Lights It Up 1

It looks like the work of Belgian Case Studyo is headed toward the light. We mean this literally: they are now making lights. First it was Grotesk’s 6FT – 6IN footed sculptural lamp and now Steven Harrington has made three unique lamps with the artist series brand. If you have the money, you should probably buy one of these happy little light friends.

Steven Harrington Lights It Up 2

Steven Harrington Lights It Up

The lamps–titled Remain In Balance–are all hand carved from wood (beechwood, tulipwood, Meranti wood, pine) with linen lampshades that are hand painted with artful splatterings. The three lamps are kind of all like brothers that you can tell apart from their bottoms (lamp bases, that is): there is the bespectacled, mustachioed brother, the triangular brother with too many eyes, and the psyched out wiggly brother who looks like he may be yelling. Each lamp plays into Harrington’s California cool aesthetic and takes some of his balanced pieces from his Known Gallery show and sees them transform into three dimensions. The lamps are described to represent “the harmony we seek in our daily lives” which they totally achieve because they, like their title, stack up in a soothing balance.

This new Steven Harrington X Case Studyo collaboration is the sweetest yet. They are just so cool and who wouldn’t want one of these lamps in their house? We certainly would. They are a statement piece without overpowering you what its saying. It’s very simple and effortlessly cool. They’re very well done. The lamp is available now for purchase here. Get more from Steven here and–fun tidbit–he’s even added a section on his website dedicated to everything that happened at the standard including video of he and Justin’s installation at the event. Take a peek at that here.

Steven Harrington Lights It Up 3

Steven Harrington Lights It Up 4

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