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Steve Turner’s Los Angeles Artist Map


This city is big. There is no way around that. There’s a lot to see, a lot to do, and always something going on: it can be very overwhelming. Art, although still emerging and “new,” is a bit scattered. You can go on art walks and suffer through the droves of people eager to get free drinks and have an OK art experience, but doing it on your own terms is a bit more difficult. PST is doing a great job of highlighting things happening all over the city and Wilshire’s Steve Turner is doing something as well: they’ve created an “artist map” of the city.

As a part of an Open Studios tour they held at the beginning of October, the contemporary gallery created a map of studios, exhibit spaces, museums, bars, and restaurants across the city that are of interest to art enthusiasts. The map was illustrated by Michael C. Hsiung and the design concept was by Victoria Dailey, who runs the gallery with Mr. Turner himself. The map features “24 studios of emerging artists” in order to share where these artists are actually creating–not just where they are being exhibited. All of the artists fall under Turner’s umbrella and include artists like Joshua Callaghan, Michael Decker, Eben Goff, Ana Rodriguez, and many more. As far as the museums, drinks, and bites, they suggest places from The Museum of Jurassic Technology to LACE, Cat & Fiddle to Seven Grand, and Lamill to Bottega Louie.

You can download the the map here and, if you decide to plot out a day in art by way of Steve Turner, let us know which places were your favorites!

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