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Sydney Brown’s Wood Shoes

Sydney Brown's Wood Shoes 1

When we stopped into Los Feliz’s Weltenbuerger a little bit ago, we were super impressed with what they were doing. Crazier? They have a ton of other LA/German makers for sale in the store that are equally as avant garde and wonderful. One of our favorites was Sydney Brown‘s wooden shoes. They’re both sophisticated and artfully crafted and, like them bags we spoke about earlier, will have people asking you all about them.

Sydney Brown's Wood Shoes 2

The shoes are a part of Brown’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The shoes have this really great tension of being both woodsy and urban as the large blocked heels of the shoes are a fat reference to nature. The actual shoe itself is simple faux-leather wrap–which stresses their environmentally minded slant–that goes around the foot with a few discret studs to fasten you in. The colors are are in keeping with their city/country vibe as they only come in black, clay, plum, and deep brown. The collection (and brand) take pride in being totally ethical, sustainable, environmentally and all around friendly in their approach to making luxury goods. As you can tell from their About page, Sydney Brown goes to great lengths to make high end sculptural footwear that do not leave a big ugly footprint on the world. How nice is that?!

We know some LA ladies are going to be running to Weltenbuerger to grab these shoes to wear with their W/// dresses and Building Block + WAKA WAKA bags. They all would look great together! The pieces are being sold around $350 and–as you can see–come in platform, boot, and cute little low-top. Get more on Sydney Brown here.

Sydney Brown's Wood Shoes 3

Sydney Brown's Wood Shoes 4

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