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The Los Angeles Nudie Jeans Showroom

The Los Angeles Nudie Jeans Showroom 34

Nudie Jeans are very subtly taking over Los Angeles. From their homey Melrose store to their getting their goods into Palihotel to outfitting the guys of Handsome Coffee, the Sweedish brand has made an active yet quiet effort to make their presence known in Los Angeles. Around two months ago, the brand opened another space in Downtown Los Angeles which they dedicated to being their showroom. The opening allowed for the Melrose store to focus on selling and–now–the Downtown location is focused on showing off the Nudie goods.

We swung by the space over the weekend to take a look at their Fall/Winter 2013 designs. The space is in an old Downtown storefront on 8th Street, within eyeshot of the quickly coming new Terroni space. It’s very clean and isn’t over designed or without a tie to the space’s history: they were smart to respect the space. You can tell this from the tiled “212” on the floor of the entrance and even the name “GENE MURPHY” that welcomes you on the sidewalk. We’re sure Murphy would be proud of how the Sweedish brand handled the move.

The Los Angeles Nudie Jeans Showroom 5

The showroom is broken into a few different areas. The front area is like a little gallery of clothing and art pieces. To the left is a rack of shirts, t-shirts, coats, and more from now and the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The pieces reflect the season and the brand as their fleeces and denim outerwear and tops have a large place in the collection. There are a handful of flannels too but the best part of the goods are the schlubby thick sweaters for cool guys and their needing-to-be-comfortable girlfriends in addition to the leather badass coats and jackets. These were certainly our favorites in the new line. The right of this first part of the showroom has a few of their more bolder jeans laid out like art pieces on a slanted table.

The middle of the space is marked by a hefty portion of jeans: it’s basically where you would sit down with a denim bartender to learn about what kind of jeans (or pants!) are good for you. There is a bit of everything in the brand and in the showroom–raw denim, washed denim, khaki, corduroy, mens, womens, etc.–and there is even a chalk written timeline above where the jeans are displayed that tells Nudie’s history. Across from this is a setup of their loose t-shirts and accessories like leather bags and a likely-not-for-sale custom Nudie jean bean bag.

The Los Angeles Nudie Jeans Showroom 18

The back area of the showroom is a little lounge that has a lofted office above it, overlooking the entire space. This area exemplifies what the showroom does best: shows off little details. Like their jeans, there are a lot of little eye catching moments that showoff their coolness: there are jeans mounted to the walls from locals who’ve worn them to death (many unwashed and worn out); there is a chalk drawing of LA; there are a few Nudie still lives setup on tables; and there is an overall kindly industrial atmosphere. They did a good job!

Unfortunately, the showroom isn’t a place you can just wander into and is an appointment only destination. If you’d like to check it out, totally send them a note on their website. It’s certainly a nice space and perfect for trying on a few pairs of jeans. We suggest you visit their Melrose store to pick up and/or try on their looks and–if you want to dig a little deeper into the brand–a trip to the showroom may be in your future. Get more on Nudie Jeans here.

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