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Get Ready For The Times

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You guys! Guess who made a clothing brand? The people over at National Forest! The brand is The Times and it is totally a mashing of all the creative minds there. It’s part Steven Harrington, part Justin Krietemeyer, and even a little bit of Thomas Brendan, too. You all are going to want to grab some of these wears because we are sure you–like us–always imagined clothing from National Forest would be fantastic and, yes, they are fantastic.

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The brand is founded with the idea of making “comfortable, quality gear that represents having good times.” It’s as simple as that. They currently have a few t-shirts and sweatshirts in the collection which all either feel very LA beachy or just are intended to be a fun thing to wear. There is everything from a geometric two-toned “These Are The Times” seal shirt to a googly eyed ghost Halloween shirt to a multicolored pretzel image aptly titled “Cosmic Pretzel.” There are some “higher end” pieces like a dancing stick man sweatshirt (Who you may recall dancing on the side of The Standard at the Auroraborealis party.) and a stripped, finer t-shirt. Each piece has a little Times patch on it, which is a nice detailed brand stamp at the bottom of the shirts.

It also should be noted that these wears are super affordable and is going to fit in your wardrobe perfectly along with your Quiet Life and Hundreds shirts. The Times feels a great deal more relaxed and easy going than their t-shirt contemporaries and, naturally, their accompanying website, branding, etc. is totally sleek and cool. We are going to have to grab some of these shirts (Hello, Cosmic Pretzel!) and we’ll be on the lookout for new releases from them, too. We are sure tank tops and hoodies and more will be coming soon and you can bet we will be grabbing those up, too. You can shop The Times here and check out their latest lookbook here.

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