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Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 1

There’s a funny neighborhoody osmosis in Los Angeles. If your business or office or wherever you make is near a business or office or other place where someone you respect makes, the lines will eventually cross and you will do something together. That’s how this city works. They guys at Kidrobot are especially good at this as they are always doing cool collaborations with people in their neighborhood. The last one we can remember was a foodie focused collaboration with Lindy & Grundy and Frank Kozik. Now they’re doing a little something with neighboring Melrose storefront Blu Dot that sees their Munnys ready for Spring with their Spring Forward art show. They’ve asked lots of local makers to take a few Munnys and give them a unique spin. LAIY and TFIB were asked to participate so we spent a Saturday painting and playing with Munnys for Spring. We wanted to give a *small* sneak peek of what would be showing at Spring Forward since we are very excited about it.

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 3

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 4

Bobby and I started work on our Munnys a few Saturdays ago around 4PM and decided to carry on into the evening until the little creatures were made. We had initially talked about doing matching Munnys that both reflected what our websites are all about but, because we were working from art supplies I have accumulated since I was seven years old, our supplies were very strange and did not do a good job of lending itself to matching Munny men. We instead tried to run with the Spring theme through some sort of lens of our websites.

The idea for the LAIY Munny was something that was inspired by light and color in Los Angeles, mainly seen in the sky. We get some crazy wonderful sunsets–especially in Spring–and it only seemed appropriate to echo that in the piece. Moreover, I somehow wanted to tie in LA nature and the variety of the city. Clearly, there was a lot of stuff I wanted to place into the LAIY guy. He ultimately became a gradient from grassy green to neon yellow to cotton candy pink to lilac. I wasn’t expecting to pull off such a smooth gradient but, hey, it looked great to me. Bobby kept insisting that it looked “unfinished” but I very much liked how it turned out.

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 5

Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 6

The TFIB/Bobby Munny also focused on the Spring idea, specifically on the brightness of the season found in flowers. “I wanted something really colorful and Spring like,” he says. “I tried to bring gradients and a spectrum of color that feels like Spring to mine. I’ve been really inspired by nature and flowers a lot, funny enough. I think it came out of the Food Week that we did a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been trying to find beautiful representations of nature.” As you can see, his has a very flowery feel with a green base and soft red/pink head.

I can tell you guys for sure that these little guys definitely came a long way from what you see here: these photos capture the Munnys up until their eighty percent complete point. You’ll have to come to the show to see how they look! Moreover, know that we are both not exceptionally trained artists and we simply wanted to have fun and make in this discipline for a change. When local places you like invite you to have some fun art making, we say why not. You can see these and more Munnys on display at Blu Dot starting Thursday, March 21. There will be an opening party that night and the pieces will be on view through April 30. Get more information the show here.

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Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 9

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Making Munnys For Kidrobot And Blu Dot 10

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