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Heidi’s Salsa

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There are lots of local salsa makers in LA. With the relationship Southern California has to Mexico, it only makes sense that the culture–especially food culture–has had such a big influence on our own. There are lots of cool local makers and great LA salsa people but there aren’t any that really look good, though. That can be seen in lots of LA food makers: the food item may be great but their packaging is OK. Luko Foods’ Heidi’s Salsa, which we have never seen in any store before, is a really beautifully packaged salsa whose packaging alone will coax you into buying it. It tastes great, too.

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The brand is a Melrose Farmers Market staple that gives “new twists to old favorites.” There are three salsas: the black, white, and red Original recipe, the mega-hot and best packaged Chupacabra’s Revenge, and the middle-of-the-road Happy Medium. Although we loved the packaging of the spicest one the best, we went for the Happy Medium. Each jar feels like a little Cinco de Mayo party with the names illustrated out like papel picados. There’s even a little skull guy at the top of every jar who blushes the name “Heidi’s Salsa” as you open it.

The salsa is very good and remarkably fresh for something that has been jarred and maybe sat on the Monsieur Marcel shelves for a few days. This is likely because of how fine the salsa is, everything very cleanly chopped and diced. There is a big kick to this salsa that is not going to kill your mouth but certainly will make you aware that, yes, there is some heat in here and that, yes, you shouldn’t have purchased the Chupacabra’s Revenge. The usage of lime juice and cilantro in particular add a delightful extra element to the salsa that is usually overshadowed by tomato. We really enjoyed Heidi’s and definitely feel like we need to make some sort of tacos tonight with this salsa. You should definitely check out Heidi’s Salsa and other Luko Foods as they’ve nailed their packaging and recipes–and few small batch local makers have done that. We’re super impressed by them. Get more on Heidi’s Salsa here.

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