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River Mouth

River Mouth

Yesterday local video guy Felipe Lima Tweeted, “I made a fashion video for @GenericSurplus & @CommeGarcons w/ my brothers while we were in Brazil.” What did that mean? He meant exactly what he said: Felipe went down to Brazil with his brothers, took along some Generic Surplus for Comme des Garçons SHIRT Spring 2013 shoes, and filmed a bit of a South American visionquest from the streets of Rio to the surreal Iguazu Falls. The video is a fantastical, magical non-advertisement advertisement for the LA collaboration. You will enjoy this.

Set to the meditative “Journey In Satchidananda” by Alice Coltrane, Lima follows his younger brothers wandering Rio de Janeiro. They pour beer on glasses balanced on shoes, people watch on busy city streets, wander through nighttime crowds, perform beachside seances, and maintain this connection to nature while caught in this very urban environment. In juxtaposing quick images of dense jungle with the claustrophobic city scenes, Lima makes you want to run away in the wilderness to escape everything–and that’s exactly what happens by the video’s end: they end up in the jungle, admiring the fucking insane looking Iguazu Falls on a blue night. It’s an abstract yet totally direct video that is backhandedly about shoes but mostly about Lima exploring narrative construction.

The video–River Mouth–is really great. There is a lot loaded into it but, as you can see from the description, it shows you that the shoes “embody the spirit of adventurous souls, the appeal of spontaneous travels, and the desire to enjoy the subtle, mysterious pleasures of life that are so quickly forgotten and taken for granted.” Felipe did an ace job doing that. Watch the video below and peruse the collection here.

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