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Spring Forward

Spring Forward 1

It’s offically Spring, everyone. No more days when it’s fifty degrees! A lot less rain! Flowering everything! This is great news and we are couldn’t be happier as this time of year is LA at it’s best: we are entering the long stretch that is the warmest, sunniest, and most inviting time to be in the city. There’s something else happening this year: Spring Forward, a collaborative art show from Melrose’s Kidrobot and Blu Dot. The show featured over forty artists making customized Munnys that ranged from furry muppety Munnys to brightly colored flowering Munnys.

Spring Forward 9

The pieces are all set up in the Blu Dot store which, if you have not been, is much like a small gymnasium full of very sleek metal seating items, soft, flat couches and beds, and the intersection of the aforementioned with bright woods. Really great stuff but, then again, everyone knows that Blu Dot is www.thebomb.com. The Munnys are mainly placed in a series of credenzas on the East side of the store. There are a few on shelves above the credenza for Munny showing and the bigger, more awkwardly sized Munnys hang out on their own little side tables. It can be a bit like a scavenger hunt to make sure you see them all but why wouldn’t you want to hunt for them in such a neat space full of the items to furnish your dream home? You’ll gladly seek them out. It also needs to be mentioned that the crowd in attendance last evening was super hip looking and there were little delicious sandwiches from ink. sack. Way rad.

There were a lot of crazy Munnys and, outside of the Spring theme, there were a lot of artists who inadvertently were inspired by the same things. For example, there were two furry, monstery Munnys, two Munnys that had succulents growing out of them (Mine included, actually.), and lots of flower somethings. There were also some totally wild pieces and some extremely clever versions that ranged from a Blu Dot inspired birdhouse piece to an Easter basket with a Cadbury Egg Easter Munny.

Spring Forward 19

It was really impressive how crazy people went with their pieces. We were super blown away! They also run the gamut of pricing, from $150 to $1200: there is a Munny for every type of person here. It appeared that a lot of the pieces had not sold last night so you still have a a decent chance at picking one up that you like. Moreover, if you get one in the right price range, you should probably pick up some Real Good Chairs, too.

The show is up through April 30 at Blu Dot on Melrose. You can also see a little behind-the-scenes look at Munny making here.

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