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Inside Book Stand At The Standard

Inside Book Stand At The Standard 1

For the first time in a while, it seemed like last Thursday was one of those evening where there were so many things we had so many things we wanted to attend. There was the Munny show, there was the Charming Baker opening, and there was the opening of The Standard Hollywood’s Book Stand. The first two we had an idea of what to expect but the latter was the most intriguing as we hadn’t heard anything about it save for the hyper-clean website we had shared last week. What is it? An equally as crisp and clean and effortlessly cool pop-up plant and outdoorsy lifestyle store.

Ran by artist Claire Cottrell, the store is open in conjunction with the current flora and fauna, “Hurray for Spring!” lobby installation by Lili Cuzor, Plants: Our Silent Guardians. The project is an online shop that is now held within the old Rudy’s space near the bathrooms at The Standard, a space that actually works extremely well for a shop (and that we had no idea wasn’t a Rudy’s anymore). Book Stand is bright white and with a strong minimalist approach to shop filling. The store is so quaint and cared for that you feel like you have snuck into an enviable Griffith Park tree house home and are rummaging through their neat piles of books.

Inside Book Stand At The Standard 2

Inside Book Stand At The Standard 3

The details are everything in the shop, too. The biggest (and most obvious) factor is their selection of goods is incredibly now and so fitting with the installation: everything in the shop has to do with plants and a natural (i.e., woodsy) lifestyle. There are obvious things like copies of Wilder and Condiment to less obvious things like Jesse Tise’s Plant Food zine and Ben Medansky’s ceramics. There are lot of whimsically wonderful things too like floral medicines and 1960s books on plants that you don’t want to touch because they are so precious. There are lots of little plant friends hanging around the space and beautiful pieces by artist Lauren Spencer King, who did the artwork for Book Stand.

The store is open through April 22 and you certainly need to stop in to check it out and grab some Spring time things. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a 1960s by way of 2013 nursery of homegrown products. We also recommend you chill there for a bit in one of their shell chairs and say hello to Claire who also plays the role of shopgirl there. (And, FYI, she made the current video installation on view to the right of the main entrance. It’s titled Wild Rose Water and really activates everything currently happening at The Standard Hollywood.) Find out more about Book Stand here.

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