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MFEO Reuses Wood

MFEO Reuses Wood 1

MFEO is a little sustainable local design duo from Aaron and Claire Van Holland. They have a passion for reclaiming wood and furniture and more and reusing it for their craft. This creative effort isn’t to make little trinkets or toys but instead to make huge and very useful home goods like lamps, consoles, beds, and more that look good and come from a place that left a very small footprint on the world. MFEO helps lift the weight we place on the planet and does it with quite a lot of style, too.

MFEO Reuses Wood 2

The brand started while the couple was driving and spotted a Herman Miller chair headed to the dump. They caught the chair and remade it, giving it a new life in their own home. This act of reclaiming and rebuilding was like a gateway drug into redoing so many things. The brand now uses everything from old barn wood to make chairs to found tree trunks to be lamp bases. The duo is drawing from everywhere they can find and doing something really special with what many would assume is simply “garbage.” (Funny enough, they’ve started expanding the brand from just wood to repurposing old lights and cameras and more to be lamp stands.)

MFEO makes some pretty rad stuff and, because it’s so precious, comes at a pretty high cost. This said, the purchase is totally guilt free as it is helping out our local–and beyond–environment. You can purchase and peruse their work on their Etsy page here and can find out more about the brand here.

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