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Commodity Premium Fragrances

Commodity Premium Fragrances 1

It isn’t really fair to write about a fragrance without smelling it. That just doesn’t seem right. We just had to share the work of Commodity though because they make scent making look so damned good: how good the product smells is almost irrelevant since the packaging is so good!

The brand is a local “scent tailor” who is currently launching their product (via Kickstarter). They are hoping to change how we scent ourselves online with a unique process of testing out smells. Through a mail-in process of sampling items, you then can dive into a bottle you like that comes at super affordable prices. We like that. What else do we like? Their super clean, super bold packaging and branding.

Commodity Premium Fragrances

Commodity teamed up with local design office Ferro Concrete to give them a sweet graphic treatment. “The fragrance market seemed to be saturated with shirtless male models and lofty slogans—so we set about creating a modern brand of scents that felt accessible even for people who aren’t into fragrances,” Ferro explains on their website. Ferro has been known to do some great packaging and rebranding and are applying this math to fragrancing as their fusing with Commodity is truly going to make us all rethink how we buy and experience scents online.

The project has already doubled its Kickstart campaign and is obviously going to be a big hit. We put our money on much of the success being Ferro’s ace job of building the Commodity identity: since none of the backers have been able to experience the scents, they are just buying into how cool the product looks. As they said on their site, “the biggest challenge [is] that you can’t smell what you see online.” Well, when the bottles look this good you don’t even want to smell it: you just want to add the bottle to your collection because it is so damn beautiful.

Commodity Premium Fragrances 3

Commodity Premium Fragrances 4

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