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Paper Alphabet

Paper Alphabet 1

Jeanie Chong is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. She does a lot of calligraphy and typemaking and often combines both practices for very creative explorations of letters. We stumbled into her work by seeing her Folded Alphabet series which reminded us of the similarly constructed Novel Brand book goods. One of her art/type mashings we particularly enjoyed was a series of dedications to letters through paper called Paper Alphabets. It’s a bright and creative take on lettering.

Paper Alphabet 2

From A to Z, Chong made letters from little origami pieces. She folded sheets of paper into different sized and colored triangles which she arranged and rearranged into the letters. She pulls from various fonts and mashes weights and textures together resulting in super fun and tactile arrangement of letters. There is great attention to detail here and they are obviously the result of great patience as the forms are so strict and require every little triangle to perk up in the right direction.

The collection of these letters is truly extraordinary and one of our favorite entries in her continuing body of work. It’s always awesome to see creatives mashing different worlds together in unique ways and Chong really captured so many with this project. We can’t wait to see what her next art/type mashing is! You can find more of her work here.



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