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Introducing The Los Angeles, I’m Yours Drink Map–For Dogs!

Introducing The Los Angeles, I'm Yours Drink Map--For Dogs!

Why do people get to have all of the fun? We dog folk need to relax some every now and again, too. After months and months of work and finally convincing the people here to let me share a guide of cool things to do and places to go for LA dogs, I’m proud to share the Los Angeles, I’m Yours Drink Map–For Dogs!

Based off of the same idea of the people version of this map, the Dog Drink Map is a resource for all of Los Angeles’ dog friends to find great places to get water, great places to hookup, great places to birdwatch, and even a few great places to go to the bathroom. We’ve talked to lots of rad Los Angeles dogs from Downtown residents to Westside stalwarts. The map is quite extensive, reaching from sunny Newport Beach to breezy Malibu to relaxed North Hollywood.

People shouldn’t get to have all the fun: pups need to relax every now and again, too. With that, enjoy the Los Angeles, I’m Yours Drink Map–For Dogs. I’ll be updating it as much as the guys here let me. Enjoy–and share with other dog people, too! If you are reading this and you are a human, you can look at the human Drink Map here.

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