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Los Angeles Secrets: A Designer Thrift Store

Los Angeles Secrets A Designer Thrift Store

It can be said that Los Angeles is one of the most vapid, image conscious cities in the world. But, if you actually live hear, you know that is a stereotype and only about 40% true. Regardless, clothes can be pricey here for young folk, money conscious, and generally cheap. You can go to thrift stores and discount stores around the city, but those can be hit or miss. Similarly, we’re not blessed like New York City with things like Century 21 to grab luxury brands on the cheap. We do have a crazy selection of vintage clothes–but those aren’t the same as new clothes. Where do fashion forward men and women go to get new designs they crave for cheap? They should be going to It’s A Wrap.

Yes, it’s called “It’s A Wrap.” So what! And, sure, they only have a Burbank and and mid-city West location, sure. But, hear me out: don’t let their silly suburban like store fronts and sidewalk sales and chalkboards outside drive you away. And, once inside, don’t let the large Goodwill like racks and costume pieces from movies and television and signs for shows like The Suite Life of Zach And Cody and Salt fool you either: there are diamonds in these ruffs. Namely, designer clothes. Bobby and myself stopped into this store two months ago when his mother was in town. She had wanted to go shopping for antiques and, when doing a search for them, It’s A Wrap came up.

We got to the store and were positive the place was going to be a major joke. You have read the aforementioned description of the place so, of course, we were incredibly skeptical. We let Bobby’s mother look around and we settled in to look at the clothes, mainly looking for things to exchange giggles over. Unfortunately, there were no giggles exchanged: just serious looks at each other conveying both “OMG” and “WTF” at the same time. We had accidentally found dozens of different clothing items from J.Crew, Theory, James Perse, RRL, Ralph Lauren, Vince, Shades of Griege, Marc Jacobs, Coach, RLX, Barney’s CO-OP, Brooks Brothers, John Varvatos, Miu Miu, Diesel, American Apparel–basically, it’s like someone went into a Bloomingdales, purchased fifteen versions of one thing, and then marked it down by thirty to seventy percent, still in new condition. We were shocked.

Los Angeles Secrets A Designer Thrift Store

Very quickly, we started grabbing bright J.Crew flannels from last season, RRL pants for a third of the price, and James Perse t-shirts by the handful, hoarding them from other shoppers. The secret to this store is that films that cannot return certain seasonal apparel worn by extras and cast members can hand them over to It’s A Wrap, who then sell them at a discounted price. It’s remarkable what brands productions are using and which styles are available. You would think the aforementioned Suite Life and Salt would yield nothing, but they were who had the most quality clothing at the store. It was brilliant!

Similarly, the store was already anticipating Halloween and had all of their more niche clothes and costumes out for sale. These were, basically, all time period wardrobe, monster apparel, and anything and everything too weird to wear everyday that one could pass off as a costume–all for cheap. When you walked around and looked at animal costumes and Roman spartan sandals, you could tell that some wardrobe mister or mistress spent the time designing, constructing, and sewing the piece together: they aren’t costume bullshit that you buy in some buttoned plastic bag, they are things used in movies.

We often forget about movies and television in this town and that they employ and use many of the city’s resources. We also forget what happens to the resources used because, well, we have no idea how they are used. With It’s A Wrap, we at least get some idea where used clothing showcased in television and film go…and how we can get them on our bodies for super, super cheap.

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