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A Preview Of Crusade For Art In LA

A Preview Of Crusade For Art In LA

Art can be so expensive and, for casual art enthusiasts who want a piece of it, it can sometimes seem impossible to grasp. Those dreams of being a modern Herb and Dorothy seem so impossible to reach! Atlanta based Crusade For Art from Jennifer Schwartz Gallery feels that everyone should be able to participate in art collecting and that it should engage communities. That is why the organization is hitting the road in a tricked out 1977 VW Bus to share the gospel and get art to cool people via pop-up galleries across the country that put art in art fans’ hands…for free! The tour is coming to Los Angeles this Saturday and will feature some local and not-local talent you should be aware of: you just need to stop by and check out the event. To help spread the word, the art crusaders sent us some of the photos that they’ll be featuring. Check them out!

The Sailor's Wife

Kat Kiernan

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 2

Clay Lipsky

The pop-up is going to be happening at Alternative Apparel in Venice and is one of those “Check it out FAST!!” things because it will only be running from 1PM to 3PM. It’s very guerilla style and intended to engage with the public, really pulling in people from the area to check out what they are up to. It’s super spontaneous and very much like a photographic Happening. The whole concept of this is totally self-initiated and driven (Ha!) via a successful Kickstarter campaign and represents the modern idea of by the online people, for the online people.

We are the Crusade’s first stop on the tour so we need to make sure that we show them that we support what they are up to. Who knows: you may even see work by some creatives you know! We suggest you check their website for more information and follow them on Twitter as they will undoubtedly be doing more rad things around town. What a great cause…and what a great chance to get you supporting art!

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 1

Sarah Moore

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 3

Jeff Rich

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 5

Laura Burlton

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 6

Warren Harold

A Preview Of Crusade For Art7

Tami Bone

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 1

Aline Smithson

A Preview Of Crusade For Art 2

Heidi Lender

Top photo: Chloe Aftel

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