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Zackary Drucker Is A Beautiful Blonde Monster For Luke Gilford

Zackary Drucker Is A Beautiful Blonde Monster For Luke Gilford

We’ve written about photographer Luke Gilford before and how much we love his photographic point of view. We’ve written about Zackary Drucker and how much we love what she is doing with her work. It should come as absolutely no surprise that the combination of these two artists has yielded something super fucking fantastic: a hysterical, high-fashion, high-concept, absolutely brilliant series of photos of Zackary dressed like a blonde monster for Document Journal. These are some of the best photos we’ve seen in a very long time–and we’ve seen a lot of photos.

The quick series see a day in the life of Zackary as this blonde, wigged cousin-of-Cousin-It monster who lives a normal life just like everyone else but just happens to be covered in head to toe blonde hair. It’s very easy to just look at these and give a chuckle in their brilliant absurdity because, yes, they are super oddball and beautiful and Zackary’s eyes are so piercing from behind her long tangles of blonde hair. Luke did an ace job of directing and framing these photos, which range from kind yellow and white glows to the muted purple cheesy restaurant where Zackary grabs lunch.

Zackary Drucker Gets Bigfoot For Luke Gilford 2

The thing about these photos is that they are obviously more than monster dress up: they reach deep into the pockets of gender and monstering and present them in a really lighthearted, straightforward way. Although Zackary’s creature is blonde and beautiful and very sweet looking, she is still a monster, this outcasted and lonely creature. She isn’t human, she isn’t normal, and she isn’t like us: this monster is a freak. This all ties into Zackary’s practice in gender identity and studying the transgendered person’s life: the monster in these photos is a symbol of the monstering of queer people in society.

These photos are an excellent reflection of society’s monstering of trans persons done in such an efficient, clean way. They’re just perfect, they really are. We can only hope that everyone who encounters the photos–especially those who pick up Document–see everything that is going on in these photos. We cannot say more good things about them. See more in the photoset here.

Zackary Drucker Gets Bigfoot For Luke Gilford 3

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