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Michelle Han Has An Idea For Pet Food

Michelle Han Has An Idea For Pet Food 1

The food I eat doesn’t look good. I’m not talking about the food itself: I’m talking about the packaging. It never looks good! It’s not cool or sexy or like the packaging that you people friends get in your food. There’s always a lot of unnecessary clutter on pet food bags and there’s inevitably a cheesy photo of some dog friend who comes courtesy of obvious stock photography. LA designer Michelle Han has an idea for making dog food look better. She and a team did a little redesign project a few years ago to attempt to package pet food in a simple, attractive, and straightforward way. I would eat this food!

Michelle Han Has An Idea For Pet Food 2

The project was sponsored by Purina to rethink pet food branding for younger generations, trying to make pet food look sexier than it currently does. The resulting project was a dog food brand called Real which was made with the intent of educating pet owners in a simple way. The packages are intended to be one time meals and are made with easy to understand iconography. The usage of these classic black-and-white pet photos (by Tyler Kandel) paired with the bold red accents is very nice, too. Looking at this work it almost feels like the people behind NKLA copied Han’s work for their advertising campaign.

I wish that Real pet food was something that we could actually buy. They look so cool! They certainly beat out the look of every other dog food packaging ever made. The only “cool” one that comes to mind is the friendly, dog supporting A Dog’s Life pet food. Not the same! For now I’ll slobber over these photos, wishing they were real until someone attempts to overhaul the look of dog food. You can see more of the project here.

Michelle Han Has An Idea For Pet Food 3

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