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Duc Kien Has A Jacket For You

Duc Kien Has A Jacket For You

I’ve been hunting for a blue denim jacket for months. I have a black denim jacket–but not a blue one. This need revolves around Los Angeles weather, a climate that is never too cold at night but is never really that hot either: the weather is perfect for a light jacket. What’s the perfect light jacket? A jean jacket. We got word in the mail from local maker/designer David Kien about a project he’s undertaken that basically has solved my problem: he’s made a simplified, affordable jean jacket that is intended to be the launching point for a bigger outfitting enterprise. His brand is Duc Kien and he has launched a Kickstarter to get word of his making out into the world.

Duc Kein Has A Jacket For You

Kien’s jacket is very simple. There are no bells and whistles and no superfluous anything: it’s a basic jean jacket and that is it. The jacket is made from indigo midweight denim and finished with antique nickel buttons, all of which are brought together through simple, smart construction. There are lots of other details in here that make this jacket a perfect fit: there are roomy pockets, a lengthened torso and shorter, meant-to-fold-up sleeves, and an ease of aging gracefully. The jackets are also super versatile and genderless, allowing for anyone of any size or style to give this jacket a wear.

The jacket is running for $125 each and, if you order it now via a Kickstarter donation, you should have it just in time for Summer. We’re very much debating purchasing this since we really were actively looking to buy a jacket. Although a worn in vintage jacket sounds nice too, supporting a local maker is something we’re always down with. (And, actually, GQ’s blog is down with it too.) Now we just have to make this decision in sixteen days! Find out about Duc Kien’s no frills, all style jacket here.

Duc Kein Has A Jacket For You 2

Duc Kein Has A Jacket For You 3

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