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Symmetria 3

Victoria Macey is a Los Angeles designer who is so inspired by her surroundings that she is making patterns pulled from the city’s shapes and sights. Her project is titled Symmetría and it turns our city into an abstract, simplified place full of bright visuals. It’s an investigation of small, beautiful visual nuggets that very often can be overlooked as we rush on by them every day.

Symmetria 1

The project is born from Macey’s obsession with symmetry around us. She then reinterprets these basic properties into colorful, fun patterns that can lend themselves to being used for everything from wallpapers to textiles. What we like most about the project is her showing off the reference points. Take the pattern directly above: it’s pulled out from the handrails at Union Station. The pattern that comes out of that? A very lightweight, Art Deco, Springy pattern that is a very subtle nod to its source. It’s brilliant! You can see more examples of these sources below. Some may look a little familiar to you, too.

We love projects like Symmetía because it uses LA as the inspiration for some truly creative things. Who knew all these patterns could come from a little walk around the city and catching details of architecture and nature and craft?! What a job well done! You can check out more from Macey’s project here.

Symmetria 2

Symmetria 4

Symmetria 5

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