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Sculpture By Elliot Jackson

Sculpture By Elliot Jackson 0

You don’t often hear from the art manufacturer. There are many, many artists whose work is actually to service other artists and to help them make their bigger, crazier pieces that often are without the touch of the human hand. These artists are by people like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, these big artists who are thinking so (annoyingly) gigantic that their work lacks any personal touch and is instead the result of graceful outsourcing. Elliot Jackson is a local sculptor who has worked as a professional fabricator for artists, helping them complete their work. Jackson has his own practice which is a melting of people and figures into each other: they are studies of the human body broken down to the elements that create them.

Sculpture By Elliot Jackson 3

Jackson’s work is mainly focused on the area of the body between the neck and the thighs. There are some faces and arms involved in his sculpture but its mostly faceless figures who he places next to skulls or heads that in no way are related to the nearby body. You can tell that Jackson enjoys mixing up images by placing these faces with these bodies and cultural markers or shapes that don’t belong with the body. He usually casts these figures in white resin but he will sometimes bring in bright colors to emphasize his goulash of body parts.

His work does seem a bit like the reigns have been removed from the worker and he is going wild with employing all the techniques he knows to make art. These pieces are super refined too which comes as no surprise as he has worked with such high gloss artists: their pieces would never look slipshod or like a practice for the real thing. Jackson’s work are appropriately as refined. You can see more of his work here and, if you want to do some Friday afternoon shopping, he has some pretty cheap plastic resin goods and rings for sale here.

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Sculpture By Elliot Jackson 2

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