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Unseen LA: Underground Cocktails At Craft


We got an e-mail yesterday from LAIY Coverman of the week, Zach Frechette, on “the most delicious underground cocktails in the city.” Although Zach is a master of the printed word and a lover physical objects, he also has a palette for stellar drinks. Thus, when ZTF sends us a tip on great underground drinks, we take note–especially when they are coming from the unlikely drinking neighborhood, Century City.

Here’s what Zach had to say about it…

I have a hot tip for you on the most delicious underground cocktails in the city. My girlfriend Helen (she of Animal and Son of a Gun) turned me on to the work of John, who is the beverage director of Craft in Century City.

For a couple of months we’ve been enjoying his under-the-counter barrel-aged cocktails, which are just what they sound like: expertly mixed batched drinks aged for weeks at a time in oak and cedar barrels procured from various distilleries. Barrel aged cocktails are apparently a thing, but I’d never encountered them before and I don’t know anyone else in LA making them.

He’s been experimenting with the right mix of time (we’ve sampled four- and ten-week-old versions of drinks) and ingredients (his Manhattan recipe features chai spices and Luxardo cherries marinated in coffee beans and vanilla pods), but all of them have been delicious and completely unique. The cocktails cease tasting like a mixture of ingredients and instead taste like a single, smooth spirit. It’s unreal.

As far as I know these are still off menu, but the last time we went he had aged Manhattans and Negronis on offer. I’ve kept this close to the vest for some time now, but they’re too good not to share, and John deserves more credit for his ingenuity.

You heard it here first: Craft is creating crazy, crazy craft cocktails. Who knew?? Thus, stop spending time Downtown trolling drinks from the Seven Grand guys and get your ass to Century City, where drinks are actually being created.

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